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Scott Williams, Artistic Director of the Impulse Company in London, is well known for his unique Meisner-based actor training which he teaches world wide. Trained under Sanford Meisner himself at the famous Neighbourhood Playhouse in New York (whose alumni include Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum) Scott will be teaching a number of practical workshops for actors in exploring ways of finding truthfulness, physical and emotional freedom and a genuine responsiveness to your partner.

During these intensive workshops you will develop a basic series of simple, practical exercises that will allow you to open up to your impulses, experience a freedom and spontaneity that will give new life to your performances and a rare ability to“live truthfully under the given circumstances”of any script. Sign up today for a taste of what actors all over the world are discovering….


The perfect course for the actor who wants a complete immersion in“Living Truthfully under a Given Set of Circumstances.” An intense and in-depth exploration of what it means to Act on Impulse. During this 5 day intensive you will develop a series of simple,practical exercises that will give you a taste of how this technique allows you to connect to emotional truth, living moment to moment on stage and screen and access the impulses that this type of work creates.

DATES: 12-16th August (Sydney) 22-26th August (Melbourne)

TIME: 10-5pm

VENUES: Sydney: The Seymour Centre, Chippendale.

Melbourne: The Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford.

COST:$720 Full Price

For bookings and enquiries contact:


** For actors who have worked with these techniques before. This 4 day intensive gives you the chance to deepen your experience of aliveness in acting by in-depth work on the founding exercises of Meisner-based training and experiencing first-hand how this work transforms an actor’s relationship with text. **Admission into this course is by application.**

DATES: August 7-10th (SYDNEY ONLY)

TIME: 10-5pm

VENUE: Projects 107, Redfern.

COST:$550 Full Price $500 Early Bird ($100 deposit by 15th July)

For bookings and enquiries contact