We provide professional training for actors who are looking for easy access to truthful emotional impulses, physical freedom, bravery in their work and the ability to work instinctively.

We offer modular acting classes in the Meisner technique and Acting With Passion - the work of Niki Flacks, in both Melbourne and Sydney. Niki's groundbreaking, unique training is delivered by Erica Chestnut and Kate Skinner, both of whom trained with Niki to teach her work in Australia.

In 2003 I completed my first week-long course in London with Scott and it was the most stimulating and enlightening week of training I’d ever had.  Scott steered my process in a whole new – and easier, simpler, honest – direction.  When I returned to London I sought to work with Scott again straight away.  He remains a joyous human being, a clear and
thorough teacher, and once again I found myself leaving class each day on a high.
— Marika Aubrey (Matilda, South Pacific)