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“Nothing comes close to the clarity and power of Scott’s work.
… If you get the opportunity to learn under Scott Williams,
jump at the chance.  It will be the best ever investment in your craft.”
Matt Minto (The Pride – The Darlinghurst Theatre Co, Shortland Street, The Blue Rose)




Scott Williams is the UK’s leading Meisner teacher. American-born, Scott is an international director, teacher and the Artistic Director of the The Impulse Company. Scott trained with Sanford Meisner at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse in the 1970s. He relocated to London in the mid-1990s following a San Francisco-based career as a teacher, director and artistic director for Hillbarn Theatre.

After his move to London and the founding of The Impulse Company, Scott has continued his schedule of teaching and directing across the continents for 35 years.

Scott returns to Australia with his highly regarded work, rooted in his training with Sanford Meisner and William Ball at The American Conservatory Theatre, to empower and deepen the work of today’s actor.

Watch Scott talk about the benefits of the technique and why it’s so relevant for today’s actors below:






The 5-day intensive, Introduction to Impulse, is the perfect course if you’re looking for a complete, intense discovery and immersion in The Meisner Technique.

  • Study with the UK’s leading Meisner teacher, Scott Williams.

  • Develop a practical and reliable technique that solves the immediate needs of todays actor – connecting to your emotional truth, easy access for multiple takes/long theatrical runs and maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing within your work.

  • Explore the Meisner technique from its foundation exercises through to text application and what it means to “live truthfully under given circumstances”.

  • Learn tools to be present in your body and responsive to your partner.

  • Let your acting become truthful, exciting and powerful.

  • Discover a deeply joyful, authentic process.

DATE:  July 15th – 19th

TIME: 10-5pm

VENUE: Second Story Studios, 222 Johnston St, Collingwood

COST: $720

$200 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place.

10% discount is available for Showcast and BizBook members. Contact us for details.


AUDITING PLACES: 6 places are available each day to audit Scott’s workshop.

$30 per day, book via the button below.





This 3-day intensive will deepen your existing technique as we further explore the founding exercises of Meisner’s work, and develop a practical understanding of how this technique transforms an actor’s approach to text.

Previous experience with the technique is essential therefore entry is by application only.

DATES: July 21, 22, 23rd

TIME: 10-5pm

VENUE: Studio V, 208 Johnston St, Collingwood

COST: $430

$200 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place.


Email with your relevant Meisner training experience to be considered.

A booking link will be sent to you once your application is accepted.
Those who are not successful will be notified by email.




You can read Scott’s extensive, impressive biography here.



Scott Williams’ teaching completely transformed and liberated me as an actor.  Prior to working with Scott I had trained with many different teachers and many different techniques.  Nothing comes close to the clarity and power of Scott’s work.  Much of what I had learnt, prior to Scott, left me confused and unsure as an actor, incapable of approaching a role with confidence.  Scott’s work was like a cloud being lifted on the whole ‘mystery’ around acting and I could finally see ‘the wood for the trees’!  I walked away with a very sound technique, and as a result of that, a confidence in my talent which, up until that point, had always been very shaky at best.  I developed a real trust in my instincts, an ability to bravely release myself into the work, to explore and discover.  Before Scott, I had heard time and again ‘be in the moment’ yet no one could effectively explain what that actually meant, and more importantly how, as an actor, I could achieve that.  If you get the opportunity to learn under Scott Williams, jump at the chance!  It will be the best investment in your craft.
– Matt Minto (The Pride – Darlinghurst Theatre Co, Shortland Street, The Blue Rose)

A great revelatory experience that refocused and revitalised my fundamental approach to acting.
– Dene Kermond (Headland, Muriel’s Wedding, Strictly Ballroom)

Eye opening, jaw dropping, world changing realisation of what it means to truly truthfully live through given circumstances.  Words cannot accurately explain how incredibly lucky I feel to have stumbled into this workshop.  I cannot fault the teaching.
– Tessa Nethercote Way, Actor

In 2003 I completed my first week-long course in London with Scott and it was the most stimulating and enlightening week of training I’d ever had.  Scott steered my process in a whole new – and easier, simpler, honest – direction.  In May of this year I returned to London and straight away sought to work with Scott again.  He remains a joyous human being, a clear and thorough teacher, and once again I found myself leaving class each day on a high.
– Marika Aubrey (Matilda, South Pacific)

Because of Scott I am a more active, open, creative and honest actor. Whether you’ve been an actor for 3 days or 30 years, you’ll never meet a teacher who loves actors more than Scott.
– John Bachelor (3010, Red Dog, Danny Deckchair)

I had only ever experienced the ‘smorgasbord’ approach to acting. Charged with figuring out what worked for me and go from there. I’d been intrigued about the Meisner technique for some time, and figured an acting technique that focuses on ’the moment’ couldn’t hurt my work considering I perform and teach Improvised theatre where I share the same joy and enthusiasm for working moment to moment. What I didn’t expect was to be profoundly moved by the work, have some of my philosophies verified and have others questioned in a very positive way. Scott has greatly improved my work in just 5 days. Scott is warm, joyful and incredibly skilled at guiding actors toward success. If I lived in his city, I’d be checking in with him as much as possible. I’ll be talking about Scott for many years to come, and look forward to my next chance to work with him.
– Broni Lisle (Small Car Improv)

You will be confronted in a loving way, by yourself, your habits and your previous training.  All of which will help and empower you to be a better & more effective actor.
– Jess Greenall (Stiff Company, Improvised Potter)

The passion, joy and attention to detail that Scott brings to the room breaks down any perceived notion of what it is to act.
– Grant Foulkes (Warhorse, Much Ado About Nothing – Essential Theatre)

I gained great benefit from Scott’s workshop.  I found that I was able to get very deep into ‘the work’ in short period of time and found a simple yet powerful truth to my scene work and a great aliveness and truthfulness in any given moment in the scene. Scott is a very caring educator who nurturers his students and creates a respectful environment in which to learn and work. I saw him guide, inspire and nurture students to great results.
– Kate Gorman (Neighbours, City Homicide, Zoo Family)

Scott challenged my ideas around acting and helped tune me onto what’s important – being authentic in the moment.
– Alinta Chidzey (Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary Poppins, Winners & Losers, Neighbours)

Scott totally changed my concept of what it is to act. I was able to let go of techniques I believed I needed and was simply able to deal with the given moment and respond to it truthfully.
– Sam Smith (Rust & Bone – Griffin Theatre Co)

“Wow!  This work has really helped me get out of my head and put my attention on someone else.  Finally a technique which has exercises that work out your acting muscles.”
– Brigitta Brown, Actor

Scott is one of those rare people that completely and unselfishly shares all of his huge pool of knowledge and insight.
– Nikola Dubois (Last Man Standing, Neighbours, Secret Life of Us)