Melbourne 2018 Meisner Modular Course Dates.

The Meisner Technique essentially trains you to live truthfully, moment to moment in a state of aliveness. What actor doesn’t want to be able to call on that with ease and freedom?

In Melbourne we currently run modular, 8 week blocks of training, with an option to take 1 or 2 classes per week.  Each of the modules is designed to build on the previous foundations.  If you are completely new to the technique, you need to start with Module 1.  If you have previously trained in the technique, please get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

Meisner Module 1, 8 weeks: Living Truthfully.

This is the starting point for people new to the technique. Living Truthfully covers our basic, Meisner-rooted Technique, giving you a deep and experiential grounding in its analysis and exercises, focusing on  the foundation exercises – those which bring you into ‘the moment.’

DATES: Jan 29th – March 28th 2018






Meisner Module 2, 8 weeks: The Given Set of Circumstances.

The Given Set of Circumstances takes the Technique forward to work with ‘the givens’ of performance. This includes “investing in the realities of doing” – the heart of any actor’s work. This module will cover the independent activity and preparation aspects of the technique. 

*By invitation only – for those already experienced in the technique.

DATES: April-June 2018


Meisner Module 3, 8 weeks: Meisner & Text, A State of Aliveness.

Module 3 takes your work into text, from the first reading and text analysis, through to rehearsal techniques.


October 2018

Melbourne Elite Meisner drop-ins.

Drop-ins are open to anyone who has completed Module 1 & 2 with Scott Williams or Erica Chestnut. If you feel you may have equivalent training, please get in touch with Erica to discuss joining the drop-in. If you are new to us, we ask that you attend 2 drop-ins as an auditor at no cost before you jump up.

2017 DATES:


Tuesday Mornings 10.30 – 12.30pm @ Studio V, 208 Johnston St, Collingwood

October 3rd

October 17th

October 31st


COST: Your first drop-in is FREE, after that classes are $20, payable on the day or $100 for 5 classes, and get the 6th class free.

There is no cost to audit a class.