What people say about us.

“In 2003 I completed my first week-long course in London with Scott and it was the most stimulating and enlightening week of training I’d ever had.  Scott steered my process in a whole new – and easier, simpler, honest – direction.  In May of last year I returned to London and straight away sought to work with Scott again.  He remains a joyous human being, a clear and thorough teacher, and once again I found myself leaving class each day on a high.”
– Marika Aubrey, Actor/Singer (Matilda, South Pacific)

“Scott Williams’ teaching completely transformed and liberated me as an actor.  Prior to working with Scott I had trained with many different teachers and many different techniques.  Nothing came close to the clarity and power of Scott’s work.  Much of what I had learnt, prior to Scott, left me confused and unsure as an actor, incapable of approaching a role with confidence.  Scott’s work was like a cloud being lifted on the whole ‘mystery’ around acting and I could finally see ‘the wood for the trees’!  I walked away with a very sound technique, and as a result of that, a confidence in my talent which, up until that point, had always been very shaky at best.  I developed a real trust in my instincts, an ability to bravely release myself into the work, to explore and discover.  Before Scott, I had heard time and again ‘be in the moment’ yet no one could effectively explain what that actually meant, and more importantly how, as an actor, I could achieve that.  If you get the opportunity to learn under Scott Williams, jump at the chance!  It will be the best ever investment in your craft.”
– Matt Minto, Actor (Shortland Street, The Blue Rose, The Pride)

“Because of Scott I am a more active, open, creative and honest actor.  Whether you’ve been an actor for 3 days or 30 years, you’ll never meet a teacher who loves actors more than Scott.
– John Bachelor, Actor (Red Dog, Danny DeckChair, Underbelly: Razor, Sea Patrol, 3010)

“As a writer in Inscription’s 1997 workshop, I was fortunate to observe Scott at work – first demonstrating his method with actors, and then putting it into action in rehearsal of my play.  It was exciting to see the energy shoot through the scene, bringing to it an anything-might-happen vitality.  Scott’s enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and generosity of spirit made for a rewarding and inspiring time.”
– Hilary Bell, Writer (Wolf Lullaby)

“Scott Williams’ approach to acting totally changed my concept of what it is to act.  I was for the first time able to let go of a number of ‘techniques’ I believed I needed and was able to simply deal with the given moment and respond to it truthfully.”
– Sam Smith, Actor

“I thoroughly enjoyed The Impulse Company’s Introduction to Meisner. Erica’s approach was clear and simple to understand and she created a relaxed environment in which we could all focus on the work. Being in the moment and simply observing a responding to behaviour is an essential skill for any actor and this course was very helpful in honing that skill.”
– Kevin Dee, Actor (Beyond Priscilla: The Play, Hangry, The Disappearance of Willie Bingham, Submerge)

“Erica is a focussed and passionate teacher. There’s no filler or fluff in these classes. From the very first class Erica is teaching you the Meisner Technique and you are doing the work putting what you learn into practice. Impulse Company provides a fun and supportive learning environment. I believe Impulse is the best place to learn the Meisner Technique in Melbourne.”
– Cat Mahony, Actress/Singer

“Having studied the Meisner technique in NYC, it’s fantastic to have someone of Erica’s knowledge and experience bring the technique to Melbourne. Meisner repetition really is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Erica provides a safe and friendly environment to explore the technique that can make everyone a better actor and teaches you to live in the moment.”
– Sophie Cole, Actress

“Erica is a wonderful teacher that provides a fun, safe and supportive environment in which to play and grow. I’ve never had so much fun in an acting class whilst simultaneously unlocking parts of me with very simple Meisner exercises that I have done before but never truly comprehended until doing them under Erica’s guidance and tutelage. She is such a joy to work with!!!!
Previously I have done some of these exercises and have been taught them in a way that puts all of the focus in an intellectual way but uncovered something truly magical and was crippled with laughter and joy as I connected to the other actors and was truly present and open. I look forward to working more with Erica.”
– Evonne Fletcher, Actress

“I’ve always found that the best teachers and techniques offer a gift to your humanity. Whether you are on stage, in conversation or wandering alone, the doors, windows and secret hiding spaces remain curious, open and available to the world. I think the Impulse Company work and Erica’s fun and generous teaching definitely falls into this category.  Erica creates a supportive environment that lets the “work” do the work and gives a great balance of instruction and space to just do it and discover in your own sweet time. Without the struggle of needing to impress anyone or dig into the mess of psychology, I felt and saw compelling, alive action that I’d love to see and create on stage!”
– Lauren Cruickshank, Actress, writer, circus performer

“A no nonsense approach to Meisner training.  Straight to the point, without superfluous or unnecessary primers. Erica facilitates a fun and safe environment where you are encouraged to play, create and take risks in becoming authentically present and to seek the joy in developing your craft.”
– Tas Dimitrikakis, Writer,Performer